Lake Kindred Wikia

A kin's skill is their special attacks that they can gain when leveling up. Unlike the standard attack, each skill cost MP and may cause a status effect. Once a kin's MP has dropped to 0, they will be unable to use any skills. 

Fire Skills[1][2]

These are skills that fall under the Fire element. They can cause Wither status to enemy kin. 

Burning Psychosis Drain Drain Cut Fire Egg Bomb Fox Fire Ghost Lantern Burn Ghostly Flame
Lantern Burn Spirit Flare Wither Withering Death Year of Fire

Water Skills[2][1]

These are skills that fall under the Water element. They can cause the Sleep status to enemy kin. 

Aerial Strike Blood Bomb Bloody Bite Bubble Burst Cloud Puff Cloud Rain Coma
Deep Sleep Diamond Scratch Kimono Wave Sakura Breeze Sleeping Sand Star Sleep Sun Burst
Twice Cut Water Scratch Watery Grave

Stone Skills

These are skills that fall under the Stone element. They can cause Paralyse status to enemy kin.

Blushing Nap Bone Crush Deep Paralysis Earthly Grave Gnaw Gold Smash Kitsune Spark
Metal Egg Bomb Paralyze Psychosis Paralyze Scratch Paralyze Tide Paralyzing Bite Rabbot-Snare Stone
Stone Bomb Stone Cut Tanzanite's Daze

Metal Skills

These are skills that fall under the Metal element. They can cause Confusion status to the enemy kin.

Aerial Strike Confusion Strike Crimson Strike Demented Egg Bomb Dizzy Cut Maple Breeze Nyantastic
Psychosis Psychosis Tide Raccoon Scratch Ringing Confusion Shadow Bite Tanuki Pummel Twice Slice
Wolf's Turmoil Wow

Wood Skills

These are skills that fall under the Wood element. They can cause Poison status to the enemy kin.

Brilliant Poison Candy Crash Contagion Deathly Ring Dragon's Breath Egg Bomb Ending Toll
Ghostly Poison Infection Just a Little Nibble Moon Strike Poison Poison Bell Poison Dart
Poison Rain Poison Rush Poison Scratch Poison Thunder Poison Wings Pumpkin Crush Rake
Rotten Egg Bomb Strong Peal Viral Chomp

Healing Skills

These are skills that can be used to Heal your kin. It is not limited to any one element type.

Blooming Growth Dark Heal Fox Blessing Healing Bell Healing Flame Panacea Quick Sip
Sakura Puff Sap Drop