• Aaleeyyee

    Formatting Guide

    March 3, 2018 by Aaleeyyee

    Hello again~! Just here to lay down some rules and formatting guides for creating pages. 


    1. ALWAYS USE REFERENCES WHEN POSSIBLE. We want to be able to cooberate an information on the wikia with a source, so be sure to cite your sources when possible. Most kin  nowadays have their own forum thread, and if not they're in the full kindred stats thread. Even just one source is fine, but there must be at least one
      1. How to create a reference page: In order to create a reference page, you first must have some references. You can make those but clicking Insert < Reference under the editing heading. When you have your references made, you then must create a new section on the page at the bottom titled Citations, then underneath that you will add a re…

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  • Aaleeyyee

    To Do List

    June 25, 2017 by Aaleeyyee

    Aaaahh, here's a list of things that need to be done/updated. Mostly for my own reference but others are free to work on it as well!!

    Kin Pages

    • Stamina for Elegant Chirpgaze
    • Stat info for Ambitious Fafnir (the hatchlings and adolescents)
    • Stat info for  Pure Snow
    • Stamina stats for Crimson Rose Carnelion
    • Skill info for Donut the Skelecat (damage rates)
    • Stat Info for Lunar Ember 

    Pages to make/update 

    • Amulets
    • Sycamorte Page
    • Skills Page
    • RIG item lists

    If anyone has any other things they think should be added, feel free to ask about it, or just make it

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  • Aaleeyyee

    Hello everyone!! Quick thank you to anyone helping out with the wiki. It really is a lotta work and it's nice to see others helping, if even a little ;;

    So onwards, in order to keep things consistent with old and future kin pages, I ask that anyone adding any info to a kin page to follow the standard template I've set for pages. For an example I'll use Iyoshe here. Simple enough, just use headings for the Kin Stats and Kin Skills, then make infoboxes for all the information. 

    To make the Kin Stats box hidden by default, please follow this template:

    -In edit mode, go to the Source Editor and find the beginning of the info box.

    It'll look something like this {| class="article-table" 

    -Replace the "article-table" with "mw-collapsible mw-collapsed a…

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  • Bagelprinxe

    Okay so I made a few new categories to put kin in, so now we've got the general Kins, Evolving Kin, Spliced Kin, Event Kin, Special Kin, Cash Kins, Rig Kins, Recolored Kin, Evolving Kin, and Venue Kin so when you're making a page for a kin make sure to add any that apply to said kin. I've also been trying to add the skill point cost to evolve for evolving kin but I'm low on energy after finals so I won't be doing much else tonight.

    On two additional notes, if you make a major article make sure to add it to the list on the front page so they're easily accessible until we have a way to add main navigation tabs. If it's something that can be linked to one of the preexisting main articles don't worry about adding it to the list, just make sure …

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  • Bagelprinxe

    Wiki Fix-up To Do List

    December 2, 2016 by Bagelprinxe

    I'm in the process of uploading all the idle animation sprites so we can at least create pages for the kin. Ideally pages should be made for all the kin with their infoboxes and descriptions so that we at least have existing pages for them, then we can work on adding stats and rewards since that'll be the part that takes longest. I'm also hoping to get in contact with the creator of the wiki to see if they're still around and active somewhere on Wikia and have them come back and add navigation tabs since that requires having admin status, or if possible to have them hand over admin rights if they're no longer interested in working on it. Worst case scenario there's no answer at all in which case I'll talk to Wikia and see if inactivity for…

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  • Bagelprinxe

    I've been gathering info for more kin pages but I need help with getting the animated sprites and egg images for them, if anyone could help me out with that it would be much appreciated!

    I realized someone on Gaia has a forum thread with all the info but anyway help with creating the new pages would be great.

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