Lake Kindred has several different venues to battle at, each one having different enemy kin you may encounter. Battling at the venues allows you to level up your kin as well as earn gold, item drops, and kin eggs to add to your team.


Your team consists of up to five kin, and each kin has a stamina bar which has a point taken off for each battle you do. When your kin's stamina bar is empty it can no longer be used in battle, and you must either allow the kin to sleep and recharge its stamina or use a Stamina Up potion. Winning a battle will give you ally points which help you to level up your kin, skill points which allow you to unlock more areas and venues, gold of varying amounts, item drops, and kin eggs which can be added to your team of kin. Losing a battle will earn you nothing. The level of the kin you battle determines how many skill points you will earn by winning. A level 1 kin will earn you 1 ally and skill point, while a level 5 kin will earn you 5 ally and skill points, allowing you to level up much more quickly.

Kin battle screen


There are currently nine existing venues to battle at. Each venue contains 5-6 different areas you can battle at. Each area has kin between certain levels that you can battle at so you can fight other kin of a similar or lower level to gain more ally and skill points.

Battle areas

The available venues are as follows:

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